Styles: Stone, Brick, Tile, Slate, & Concrete
Acrylic Equivalent of Intonachino

Waterproof for Exterior & Interior use
Designed for use over existing surfaces

Great for wet areas in baths & kitchens
Product remains stable after freezing
Easier to apply than Lime Plaster



Texturstone plaster is a water-based, acrylic plaster coating, for both interior & exterior use even in northern climates. It is the Acrylic Equivalent to Intonachino Lime Plaster.

Texturstone has the ability to create stone designs that allows for full artistic expression because it allows glazes to soak in for realistic stone looks. It can be textured, coloured, and patterned to replicate a wide variety of finishes such as; stone, brick, tile, slate, and more.

This acrylic plaster flows on easy, and can be brushed onto irregular surfaces, like moldings and trim. Walls can be left very smooth or textured, depending on the preference of the applicator.

  • Texturstone is an easy solution with little stress on drywall.
  • The grain is a medium size and the final coating is washable, and no need to seal it.
  • It accepts washes and glazes with about 10% retention colour, therefore ideal for a patina or washed surface.
  • It can be textured, coloured, and patterned to replicate a wide variety of finishes such as stone, cement, brick, tile, slate, and more.

The plaster has a natural flexibility that makes it ideal as a set coat under lime plasters saving a day on installation. It is a blend of selected silica aggregates and mineral additives that produces a stone-hard coating. Texturstone is virtually water-impermeable, allowing it to be used in areas where water would oth erwise pose a problem. It is available in standard white or coloured in house or with universal pigment.

This is the sure way to apply acrylic plaster without failure when application time is of the essence. It is available in white or neutral semi opaque base which accepts pearl and metal mica powders as well as metallic flakes. Remember, it is an interior/exterior plaster.


Make sure the substrate is clean, dry, and free of efflorescence, oil, paint, loose material or any other foreign matter.

Method of application:

Texturstone plaster comes in a ready to use paste that can be rolled on or brushed to create the look of caste concrete that can be smooth or textured.

First of all, stir the material well. Use a paint stir stick until it is homogeneous.

First Step: Roll a thin coat with a half inch pile roller until full coverage is obtained and the texture is not too rough

Second Step: Roll or brush a fairly thick coat. With a putty knife blade held flat to the surface or with a plastering trowel, firmly press the material so the surface is smooth with pitting.

Final Step: To achieve a cement effect apply a coat of glaze in a black or umber colour diluted
with water and rub into the surface keeping an irregular pattern.

Product Training

Mixed Media Modern & Traditional Plasters Class: $695 CAD 3-Days

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Learn-a-Finish: $150 CAD Half-day

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Safety Data Sheet

SDS PP EN MC403O Texturstone