Traditions Gold Label


Base: Pastel



Traditions Gold is a Hybrid Alkyd based on the latest technology, coming from a renewable resource, soya bean oil. This technology provides the properties of a typical alkyd but without solvents. Traditions Gold combines a conventional highly durable alkyd oil and emulsifying it in water to obtain a remarkable durable finish that is combined with a urethane and the finished product is environmentally friendly with very low VOCs. It has multiple uses either on the interior or exterior of homes and buildings, especially tough wearing areas.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS PP EN MC415N 2800 Traditions HG Alkyd Emulsion Pastel Base

SDS PP EN MC416G 2900 Pearl Alkyd Emulsion Pastel Base

SDS PP EN MC422J 2700 Traditions SG Alkyd Emulsion Pastel Base