Transfer Gel


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


You can also transfer colored images if black and white wasn’t enough fun! Can be used to transfer colored laser images onto the painted surface or smooth textured fabric.

Size: 8 oz
Colour: Clear
Sheen Level: Satin
Drying Time: Overnight for best results
Tool Application: Brush


Print out the image from your computer onto a regular piece of paper on a colored laser printer. Reverse the image prior to printing if it has any text. Cut the image out as close to the edge as possible. On a scrap piece of paper lie the image ink side up. Using a brush, liberally apply the Transfer Gel on the ink side of the image until milky in appearance.

Lift the image from the paper and place it face down on to the surface you wish to transfer to. Smooth the image with your fingertips without squishing out the gel and allow to dry overnight. Once dry, wet the paper with water and rub the paper with your finger tip pads until it balls and crumbles away leaving the image embedded in the gel. If it appears milky in appearance when dry, it still needs to have more of the paper fiber removed.

It should feel smooth when dry. If desired, the image can be sanded or glazed to add an aged appearance. The entire surface that the image is on should be clear coated to ensure an even sheen is obtained. It is always recommended to practice with the image on a similar surface to ensure it will transfer successfully.