Two-Component 100% Solids Epoxy


USE: Industrial & Commercial Concrete Floors – 30 Years of Successful Applications

FINISH: High Gloss

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Grey, White, Black, Clear, Safety Yellow, Red


Quart, Gallon


PROTEK 2K 100% Solids Epoxy has a 30-year history of delivering superior results, if the surface is properly prepared and coated. It is typically applied on industrial and commercial concrete floors.

  • This product allows for a fast return to normal services.
  • Abrasion of the substrate is a must to gain maximum performance from these coatings. Shot Blasting or sanding is normal.
  • Once the surface is cleaned then a topcoat or Epoxy Primer (preferred method) is applied very thinly over the surface area.
  • Next a second ‘full’ coating is applied to level the floor and provide the finished look.
  • Immediate induction of the two components is quick and has a short pot life, and applications are mostly done by professionals.
  • Cures in an hour but applicators need spiked shoes to walk on the first coat and apply a second coat, then let them cure together.
  • Dry to touch is around 8 hours but light traffic must wait at least 12 hours. Heavy traffic after a few days.


Safety Data Sheets

SDS PP EN MC402I Epoxy Resin – Part A

SDS PP EN MC402J Activator – Part B

SDS PP EN MC419T 6412 High Gloss Epoxy Grey – Part A

SDS PP EN MC420A Epoxy Hardener – Part B

SDS PP EN MC423H 6270 Clear Epoxy – Part A

SDS PP EN MC426Y 6413 High Gloss Epoxy White – Part A

SDS PP EN MC429B 6281A 2K Epoxy Sfety Yellow – Part A

SDS PP EN MC431F 6410A 2K Red Epoxy – Part A

SDS PP EN MC437I High Gloss Epoxy Black – Part A