Urban Metal – DIY Textured Surfaces


Self Sealing & Washable once cured.
For textured surfaces on walls or featured areas, leaving a smooth Stain Finish.
ONLY Roll on textured surfaces.
Remains stable after freezing.

12 Colours to choose from

Choose your Size & then select a Colour

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8 Oz, 437 mL, 875 mL, 3.5 L


Pearl, Cashmere, Steel Blue, Brass, Rawhide, Silver, Gun Metal, Champagne, Titanium, Heritage, Copper, Gold


Urban Metal offers excellent adhesion & durability once cured

This liquid metallic paint has endless potential to add a rich or rustic element to any home decor. Using the most modern paint technology Urban Metal is a hybrid soya-based emulsion, made from water and plant oil. It creates a durable metallic finish that can be applied on furniture, cabinets, textured wall surfaces, trim, moldings, brick, tin ceiling panels, old lamps and embossed wallpaper, just to name a few.

To cover SMOOTH WALLS with Urban Metal you would need to do a SPRAY APPLICATION.

Urban Metal was formulated to cover textured surfaces. If you want to cover flat Drywall with a metallic coating, you can use Metaltech instead. By strict definition, Urban Metal is NOT a true paint. It is a varnish with metal pigment.


Use a primer when necessary, especially if dealing with an absorbent surface like drywall. Make sure the area is properly prepared to be coated.

  1. Apply a base paint undercoat like Acrylic Blends usually with an eggshell finish.
  2. Apply Two coats Urban Metal.
Application Notes
  • Can be applied Roller & Brush-applied over textured surfaces.
  • Finishing touches can be done with brushes either dry or wet.
  • A Strie effect can be a achieved by dragging the brush.
  • Alternatively, Sponging & Sponge Roller.
  • Ragging techniques are possible.
  • Stencils can be utilized.