Urban Moiré: Gold & Yellow Tones – DIY



Metallic Acrylic Plaster with Gold or Pearl Undertones with a Suede like finish.
Gives all applicators Professional Results.
Washable & easy to maintain finish.
Easily repaired.

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Brown Mustard, Cashmere, Chardonnay, Pale Gold, Dachshund, Gilded, Moon Glow, Night Light, Cocoon, Straw


Quart (850 gm), Gallon (3.4 kg)


Urban Moiré Metallic Silk Acrylic Plaster is easy to apply and delivers reflective metallic like background shades of gold, pearl or silver for the eye, with a silky suede overlay to the touch. The product is designed for interior applications and is self-sealing.

Urban Moiré metallic acrylic plaster leaves a washable surface, making it a great choice for kitchens or bathrooms. Durability is another reason that makes Urban Moiré a great choice for projects either residential or commercial.

  • Environment-friendly, low VOC coating can be applied by trowel or spatula.
  • Soap & water clean-up.
  • Easily repaired (keep your colour selection as a reference).


This DIY product allows novice applicators to obtain professional results. However, proper surface preparation is critical to this professional result. We recommend Sharktooth Primer that is been tinted close to your Moiré Acrylic Plaster colour selection.


  • Quart: 60 Sq.Ft.
  • Gallon: 240 Sq.Ft.
  • 5 Gallon Pail: 960 Sq.Ft. (Call to order)

Project Work Zones

Depending on the applicator skill level, the area is divided into zones, which is always recommended for the DIY user. Masking all nearby areas and floors is a must do.


Creating a sample board is best advised to ensure the finish was captured by the desired colour selection. Next, we suggest a small area be selected to test for adhesion where there is any doubt about covering the existing surface. Always consider a primer for the best adhesion.

Apply Urban Moiré Metallic Acrylic Plaster

Multiple effects can be created with this product by applying with a brush, roller, spatula or trowel. Soap & water clean-up.

Overall Application
  1. Start with a full coat of Urban Moiré using a ‘cross-hatched’ texturing technique. Wait 15 minutes, then apply a partial coat keeping the trowel flat to the surface.
  2. Do a second coat when fully dry.
Roller Application

Created a textured random effect in small arcs with a microfiber 6” roller. After coating a small area. go back over it with an empty roller (i.e. without loading it with more material) to smooth out & enhance the reflective aspect of the product.

Roller & Brush Application

Start by rolling out Urban Moiré on a small area, then brush a randomized texture. Here you must be always working into a wet edge, moving bit by bit, to fill the whole surface area. Always brush back into the wet Urban Moiré product edge as you go to cover your project area.

Roller & Blade Application

Start with rolling a three-foot square section, then use a 6” scraper with a flat blade to move the Urban Moiré with small arced movements. Always leave 3” of rolled area around the wet edge, so you can overlap and finish with a seamless result.

After the Urban Moiré application is complete, any dry product that finds its way through your masking can be removed with warm water or mineral spirits.

Do NOT try to remove dried Urban Moiré with any type of abrasive cleaner.


Technical Data Sheet

Urban Moiré TDS