Urban Suede – DIY


Design Style: Bold, Metallic Plaster

Granular Acrylic Plaster with Metallic Look
Easier to apply then Lime Plaster
Roller, Brush, or Trowel Applied
Interior Wall Applications
Gold or Pearl Base
Washable Finish

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Urban Suede is an acrylic based coating used for decorative finishes over stable prepared surfaces. It is supplied in pearlescent, gold and tintable bases ready to use. Clouring is tinted into the base with universal colorants based on the available selection.

Urban Suede is more coarse or granular acrylic plaster that can have a metallic appearance with a ‘shimmering effect’ with two sizes of mica, one for opacity and the other for sparkle. This creates the illusion of movement with a texture that is still soft to the touch. It can be applied on interior walls for decoration and the product remains stable after freezing.

Application is done with a brush, roller, spatula or trowel. Each application tool offers different design effects, which can be completed by novice DIY applicators and still produce professional results. Urban Suede delivers strong adhesion and durability when properly cured. This product works on reflected light that will be difficult to show up in photos.


Sharktooth Primer
2 Coats Urban Suede

  • Roll the first coat completely, with back rolling to remove excess build-up.
    • The second coat is cross-hatched with a 4” brush, in staggered movements, with patch outs.
    • Use 6-inch putty knife to pull back the plaster and expose the mica sparkles.

This easy-to-use system can be used as a finish on interior surfaces. Application can be done on most surfaces with proper preparation. A careful inspection prior to the application for cracks, unsound surfaces and the hygrometry of the substrate. Using a variety of tools allows for the correct layering and aspect to produce a reflective surface effect or metallic appearance.

The overall area of the application should be divided into manageable zones or sections, respecting expansion joints. Protect the adjacent areas and floors. If you need to remove any dried product after the application, use warm water or mineral spirit. Do NOT rub with abrasives.

If more texture is required: Stipple the effect with the brush and do the second coat the same way (i.e. create density).

If a smother texture is desired: Flatten lightly with a moistened trowel.

NOTE: First Coat coat covers 200 sq.ft. and the second is covers 300 sq.ft.