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100% Acrylic


The highest durability in the Acrylic family of resins for Architectural coatings. 

For interior & exterior areas, wood, metal, properly prepared masonry, & specific plastics.

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2K E Fill System

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Custom-made Colours
Electric 110/220V Powdered
Quick Fill with Clean Operation
Reusable Parts
Minimal Waste
CE/CSA/US Approved

2K Epoxy Reusable Spray Paint


2K Primers & Paint in 1 Compartment Cans
Unlimited Pot Life, Use Again & Again
Bonds to Multiple Surfaces
2K Epoxy Quality Coating
Fast Drying

SIZE: 400ml  Coverage: Up to 27 sq.ft.

3 Beveled Edges + Side Notched


Venetian trowel with 3 Beveled Edges + 1 side notched with “H” type pattern

Blade Thickness: 1/32″ or 0.6mm

Imperial Size (LxWxBT): 11″ X 4 3/4″ X 1/32″
Metric Size (LxWxBT): 280 x 120 x 0.6 mm

Acrylic Blends


Vinyl Acrylics help with costs & add a little more working time.

Interior architectural water-based paints with economical vinyl acrylic binders.

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Acrylic Venetian Plaster


Unlimited Design Styles
Full Custom Colour Selection
Acrylic Equivalent of Marmorino Lucido
Can be polished to a high sheen
Washable & Durable when sealed
Product remains stable after freezing
Easier to apply than Lime Plaster

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All Terrain Lime-Based

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Decorative Finish Resembling Istria Stone
High Bond Mineral Treatment for all Surfaces
Colour with Universal Colorant or Water-Based Dye
Custom Colouring available through Protek
Naturally White Lime-Based Paste
Available in 20-kilo plastic pails