Studio Classes

Get in-person training from the plaster masters!

Studio Classes

Get in-person training from the plaster masters!

Live Studio Classroom

The new classroom with seating area and showroom is a bright and well laid out space where you will enjoy learning new techniques and meeting new friends located at 21 Belvia Rd., Etobicoke Toronto.

Master Plasters
Studio Work Area

Our three-day training class is designed to add unique finishes to an existing portfolio.
Free sample kit with all 15 finishes included!

Hands On Instruction

Mixed Media Modern & Traditional Plasters Class: $695 CAD 3-Days

The idea behind this class is to provide applicators with tools and knowledge to go beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. By combining training for both Italian decorative lime-based plasters and Acrylic Plaster products, applicators can create uniqu finishes that would be impossible without this combination.

Utilizing Additives for Unique Finishes

Waxes, glazes, metallic effects and pigment washes enhance and add to the desired custom look by architects and designers. We will complete 14 boards with full notes on these traditional and modern applications.

Master Class Lime Plasters: $695 CAD 3-Days

This course is for those who wish to push the envelope using methods from European Artisans creating finishes that are both organic in nature and made traditionally in Italy. Our Master Plaster, being expert in the field of plasters, will answer all your questions. Their deep understanding on a range of high-quality lime‐based products under the label ‘Intonaco’ allow you to expand your creative horizons.

SPECIAL Learn-a-Finish: $150 CAD Half-day

Learn a finish A to Z

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Homeowners can learn before buying
  • Get a 25.00 gift certificate towards tools
  • You pick from a large selection in our showroom we train you one on one.
  • Startup companies can learn at their leisure

Make an appointment 6 days a week Monday to Saturdays 8 am to 12 pm.

Groups Welcome!

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Weekdays: 9am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm