Acrylic Paints

There is a wide variety of Acrylic Paints; 100% Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic Blends, Acrylic Urethanes & Epoxies, etc. Protek manufactures a large array of Acrylic Paints.

Scenic Paints – Movie Sets

Protek has designed a paint line Studio Flat line, for use in the motion picture industry. Combined with our wall texture products, we offer the widest range of scenic products available for the film industry today.

Metallic Paint

Protek has created a 100% acrylic metallic paint – MetalTech that can be used indoor and on exterior surfaces. There are 27 standard colours and with 3 bases for custom colour requirements.

This is what makes Protek Paint one of the best paint manufacturers today because we go beyond general paint manufacturing into specialized products that make the difference to industrial clients, commercial applicators and various buying groups around the globe.

Randall Rogers, CEO