Toll Manufacturing is part of Protek History

Toll Manufacturing is part of Protek History

Protek can be your Toll Manufacturer

If you are looking to bring your formulation to market Protek Paint can be your trusted partner. We do projects with those at universities, colleges and inventors from around the world to confirm their formulations and manufacture for their needs.

Custom toll manufacturing services start with our laboratory and staff, who can test your formulation and provide insightful ideas. Naturally we can blend, mix, grind, and filter raw materials required by the manufacturing process before dispensing, labelling, and packaging the final product. Transportation and warehousing plus distribution services are also available.

We can toll manufacture paints, as well as other wall texture coatings. Maintaining stocks of raw materials in-house to meet formula requirements is part of our toll manufacturing process. Having ISO quality registration gives peace of mind to manufacturing consistency.

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