Universal Paint Colors & Colorants

Universal colourants & tints provide broad based compatibility in different systems so that you only need a handful of colours

Universal Colorants Come in Various Chemistries

Universal colourants are aptly named because they are the ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ when it comes to pigment dispersions for paints and coatings. When you have multiple paint types, from latex to alkyd and epoxy to urethane, it would be overwhelming if you needed a colour for each system.

Thankfully, universal colourants are designed to provide broad-based compatibility in many different chemistries so that you only need to purchase and stock a handful of colours.

Architectural Colorants

These aqueous dispersions are the type of colorants and tinting systems that are used in what is more commonly referred to as house paints, or decorative coatings and find highest use ‘in store’ POS (Point of Sale) applications.

  • Our Point-of-Sale colorants are of the highest quality in the industry. Batch to batch consistency with tight shade and strength control assures complete system reproducibility.
  • Colorants are standardized to the widely used 888 A-L format.
    They are suitable for most commercially available syndicated
    color systems.
  • Compatible in latex and alkyd (oil based and aqueous) paints and
  • Packaging sizes are 6×1 liter cartons, 18.9L pails, and 205L drums
    (by request).
  • Standard glycol containing type or 0 -VOC versions.
      1. 2000 Series: Standard, glycol containing version.
      2. 3000 Series: Environmentally friendly, 0-VOC alternative

Industrial Colorants

High quality pigment dispersions compromised of a proprietary blend of resins, additives, and solvents of industrial quality organic and inorganic pigments. These pigment dispersions can allow for high pigment solids for tinting and full pigmentation. Compatibility with most solvent-based industrial coatings is expected.

Micryl – Universal Solvent-Based Industrial Pigment Dispersion

The Micryl series is compatible in a wide range of solvent-based systems, including automotive, architectural, and industrial coatings, graphic films, floor coatings, wood finishes, concrete finishes, and adhesives. A full color range is available from this oil based colorant.

  • MiCRYL’s proprietary vehicle system provides broad-based compatibility in non-aqueous, heavy-duty maintenance and industrial air-dry and baking systems such as acrylic, polyester, baking alkyds, air-dry alkyds, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, vinyl (hydroxylated), styrenated alkyds, polyurethanes,
    polyesters and others.
  • This formulation with Paint colorants provides superior performance in humidity and salt-spray tests, excellent resistance to mild alkalis and organic acids, baking stability to approximately 30 minutes at 300°F, superior lightfastness and weatherfastness (suitable for use in farm implements and other exterior equipment coatings).
  • Colorants are standardized to the widely used 844 TW-LB format and can be used for both volumetric dispensing and in-plant tinting.
  • Packaging is available in 6×1 litre cartons, 2×1 gallon cartons, 18.9L pails, and 205L drums (by request).

EcoCryl Universal Water-Based Industrial Pigment Dispersion

Microcolor colorants are utilized in a wide variety of water-based industrial coatings. They can be applied in water-reducible and emulsion coatings in both air-dry and baking systems. Our colorants are low VOC and glycol-free. They have little or no effect on gloss, dry time, water resistance, hardness, corrosion, foaming, or other coating properties.

  • Follows the same colour standards as our Micryl series but in a significantly more environmentally friendly version with low VOC content.
  • Similarly, the proprietary vehicle and additive package provides wide ranging compatibility in today’s high performance industrial water-based systems.
  • EcoCryl can be used to tint water-based automotive, water-reducible and emulsion coatings in both air-dry and baking systems, industrial maintenance, OEM, wood coatings and stains, decorative and architectural coatings and textile inks.
  • Wide-ranging compatibility in numerous coating chemistries such as acrylic, acrylic and
  • PVA emulsions, water-reducible polyester and epoxy, water-soluble alkyd, and urethane systems.
  • Packaging is available in 6×1 litre cartons, 2×1 gallon cartons, 18.9L pails, and 205L drums (by request).

EcoCryl+ High Concentration, Water-Based, Resin Free, Low VOC Pigment Dispersion

Based on the same pigment options as our EcoCryl line the ‘Plus’ version adds additional versatility by provides a more concentrated form that is resin-free to accommodate more sensitive applications.

Custom Solutions

If specific vehicle demands are needed, we have the expertise to develop and manufacture custom solutions for any number of applications. The goal is to provide the ultimate balance of high pigment loading with workable viscosity to create unparalleled levels of value and flexibility to the coating formulator.