Venetian Plaster Applied by Professional Artisans

Venetian plaster is aesthetically pleasing and polished to a mirror sheen.

Venetian Plaster Applied by Professional Artisans

Venetian plaster is aesthetically pleasing and polished to a mirror sheen.

What is Venetian Plaster as a Design Element

Venetian plaster is a combination of marble, lime putty & water, and is sometimes referred to as lime plaster. When applied to walls, the water evaporates, leaving a beautiful limestone finish. Limestone is smooth & hard to the touch, yet has a gently mottled, soft, visual sheen.

Venetian plaster walls capture the impression of “movement” that is created when the plaster is applied.

It can be used to replicate ancient patinas or create entirely contemporary looks.

Modern Condo
Modern Foyer

Venetian Plaster with Bold Colours & High Gloss Finish

Venetian Plaster contains finely ground marble and aged slaked lime. This material produces a durable finish with a decorative and natural look containing fine grades of marble. The material, after polishing, produces a smooth marble like surface and can be coloured in a wide range on tones.

   Technical Tip

The finely filtered slaked lime offers a complete range of grain sizes, suitable for any decorative project. The fine grains lend themselves to a mirror finish when polished to create inspiring, beautiful and stylish ambiences.

Venetian Plaster Can Really Give a Feeling of Serenity, Peace & Elegance

Venetian plaster is a durable, aesthetic finish used in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece. The finish is very soft and natural, with the layers giving depth and movement.

Venetian plaster differs from other decorative lime plasters because it does not contain coarse grains, which give other plasters more the thickness and texture. Venetian plaster materials are light, thin layers that are almost translucent in nature. It has an inherit warmth and lightness reflecting light.

Venetian Plaster – Where It Can Be Used

Venetian plaster is especially appreciated for its aesthetic effects. Its unique appearance is especially enhanced under good lighting. It is used in sophisticated environments, such as reception areas, offices, and residences.

This polished plaster finish is smooth with a variable degree of sheen depending on how much it has been burnished. Carrara Venetian plaster can be very smooth and satiny. Pleasant light and shade effects, owing to its visible workmanship gives it a sense of depth. Its principal characteristics are hardness and durability.

Unlike marble, Venetian plaster applications generally have a single soft colour with small shadings. It is highly appreciated for its aesthetic effect, unique when properly lit.

Venetian plasters breath naturally, given that they are made from limestone and have a VOC close to zero.

This ability to breath makes them resistant to bacteria and mold.

Being eco-friendly helps them to gain popularity in today’s construction environment, even for venetian plaster kitchens and backsplashs.

Venetian Plaster Bathroom

It is also suitable for use in bathrooms, where it is used as an alternative to marble and ceramic.

Combining natural light with lime plaster is exhilarating because it gives the effect of light coming from within the plaster and hovering from above.

Overall a feeling of lightness is added to the space that is warm and inviting. Adding colour to this moment of light can really tie a venetian plaster interior look together especially when the application is seamless.

Venetian Plaster Fireplace

Venetian plaster with a fireplace requires a professional application with specific components to manage the heat transfer.

Possible Venetian Plaster Colors

Broken White
Terra Cotta
Lace White
Sofa Saffron
Cloud White
Elephant Grey
Fine Grey
Dark Grey

Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Marmorino Venetian Plasters are the most requested plaster finishes. Marmorino polished plaster is one of the finest plasters, common in Venice during its splendor years. The very smooth surface, like that of marble, where it derives its name “marmo”, meaning marble in Italian. It is sometimes called Italian Venetian plaster or Venetian Marmorino Plaster.

“Marmorino” is recognized internationally as being one of the highest quality plasters on the marketplace today. The surface of the Marmorino finish is a polished plaster finish that is glossy and reflective with lots of depth while maintaining a smooth feel, with low VOC – making it the best venetian plaster. Protek offers exceptional marmorino venetian plaster supplies, marmorino trowels and applicators.

Acrylic Venetian Plaster

Acrylic Venetian Plaster is manufactured by Protek as a version of Italian polished plaster. This truly remarkable look is created by overlapping thin layers of the paste with a spatula or trowel and then burnishing the finish to a marble-like sheen. This process is labour intensive but when done correctly it is well worth the effort, producing a look with no equal. Acrylic makes the application process easier than lime plaster.

Acrylic Venetian Plaster can be used in all commercial and residential applications and is normally finished with a wax for added beauty and wash-ability.

Polishing for that Venetian Marble Look

Once you are satisfied with your application on the wall, one can burnish Acrylic Venetian Plaster with the trowel or spatula to achieve a high lustre. Slightly diluting the final coat will give a more decorative translucent look.

  • More distinctive looks can be achieved by tinting the product into two or more colors.
  • To make the product waterproof, apply a coat of burnishing clear wax by spatula and then polish for maximum sheen and burnish again to give the true plaster feel of polished marble.
  • Alternatively, one can apply a coat of peral topcoat wax for a lustrous reflective effect. No burnishing is required and the product is immediately washable.

Venetian Plaster FAQs

How To Paint Over Venetian Plaster.

You cannot paint over Venetian lime-based Plaster because the protective wax prevents adhesion. However, this can be done with certain Acrylic Venetian Plasters.

Is Venetian Plaster Out Of Style?

You cannot paint over Venetian lime-based Plaster because the protective wax prevents adhesion. However, this can be done with certain Acrylic Venetian Plasters.

Is Venetian Plaster waterproof?

Only when waxed properly to seal the plaster.

What Does Venetian Plaster Look Like?

People compare it to marble because is has a very shiny finish like marble.