Professional & DIY Wall Textures

Protek Wall Texturing products deliver Professional Design Styles, many of which are available to the DIY marketplace.

Professional & DIY Wall Textures

Protek Wall Texturing products deliver Professional Design Styles, many of which are available to the DIY marketplace.

Textured Wall Finishes

Day after day you spend time in a space whether it is at home or at the office and you always feel like something is missing, there is no connection between you and that space. Transform a boring flat wall into one that invites you into the room and makes you feel like you never want to leave.

Let Texture & Colour connect you to your space.

Feel a sense of warmth and belonging while you are in your space day after day. These finishes are a form of original art in that no two walls are the same, each with its own creative textures and colors that are mesmerizing to the viewer.

Trending interior cement decor finishes. Choose from a polished smooth finish to a rougher aged application, seamless or block slab forms can be created to fit the required surface area. Mimic an industrial loft vibe by adding a cracked finish.

Acrylic Wall Textured Products

Protek offers a wide variety of user-friendly decorative wall finishes. You can create feature walls with adding a loft concrete reveal or a rustic copper patina.

  • No two applications are the same, making these applications unique to your space.
  • The advantage of these finishes is that they are both durable and most times repairable if damaged.
  • These products offer the benefit of a seamless application that will last for years to come. You could say these organic finishes are timeless in appearance.
  • Urban Paint products are cost-effective and produce beautiful decorative elements on a variety of surfaces.
  • After the product is dry, glazes and waxes can be applied to embellish and complete the desired effect and will provide a protective finish.
  • Some of the finishes can help to hide and mask imperfections found on walls. This may help to solve a multitude of problems faced especially when decorating older homes.

The Urban Paint & Plaster lines were developed with the DIYer in mind for a user-friendly application. With a little instruction, you can learn how to use these finishes successfully. However, you can have it installed by a qualified applicator.

Metallic Wall Texture

Moiré and Suede is an interior acrylic based plaster used for decorative finishes over smoothly prepared surfaces. It is available in gold and pearlescent tintable bases that are ready to use. A typical installation is as a decorative reflective texture showing a background of gold or pearl and resembling silk or suede.


Urban Suede – DIY


Design Style: Bold, Metallic Plaster

Granular Acrylic Plaster with Metallic Look
Easier to apply then Lime Plaster
Roller, Brush, or Trowel Applied
Interior Wall Applications
Gold & Pearl Base
Washable Finish

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LOCAL: (416) 251-0051


Acrylic Venetian Plaster


Unlimited Design Styles
Full Custom Colour Selection
Acrylic Equivalent of Marmorino Lucido
Can be polished to a high sheen
Washable & Durable when sealed
Product remains stable after freezing
Easier to apply than Lime Plaster

Online Colour Selection

This cost-effective seamless decorative finish can be applied on a variety of surfaces. After proper surface preparation, 1 or 2 thin coats will create the finish. It is very workable and easily applied. Application is done with a combination of wall texture tools such as brushes, rollers and stainless-steel finishing trowels and spatulas. This will allow for multiple layering which will create more surface movement.

Metallic Paints

Protek manufacturers Acrylic Urethane water-based metallic paint, in different formulas, that can be seamlessly rolled or brushed on walls, furniture, cabinetry, trim, and doors.


It is ideal for coating walls; room features and mouldings in a wide range of metallic colors. Protek invented the technology that allows water and aluminium or bronzing powder to co-exist in a water-based solution with long term stability. The beauty of metal has rarely been simulated to the degree Metaltech achieves using conventional application methods.

Urban Metal

Urban Paint Metal also offers a metallic paint made with a hybrid mix using water and plant oil. This combination allows for a low odor application and uses water to clean up the tools and equipment. The true benefit of this hybrid formula is that it boosts the brilliance of the metallic flakes and is also very durable. This makes this line available for furniture, cabinet, trim, doors, and textured wall applications. It has amazing self-leveling properties and will appear as though it was sprayed when applied with a roller and brush.

Metallic Waxes

Embellish your finish using decorative waxes with a metallic, pearl, or iridescence effect. Our decorative waxes provide a protective finish while accenting and enhancing the polished look. Protek offers a wide range of acrylic waxes to protect your finish with a variety of clear waxes or a custom tint to match your preferred shade and look.

Metallic Decorative Accents – the WOW Factor

Metallic Waxes and Foils is very popular and is often used to add a WOW factor, there are several ways to add that WOW factor into your decorative pallet and a number of products to help you get there.

Concrete Wall Texture

This liquid plaster allows one to create a seamless concrete wall texture that is only a fraction of an inch thick. The application can be applied smooth or rough or used to create blocks for an industrial loft effect. Adding cracks and rust stains will create a vintage effect. This seamless concrete wall texture creates a stunning cement textured wall finish.



Styles: Stone, Brick, Tile, Slate, & Concrete
Acrylic Equivalent of Intonachino

Waterproof for Exterior & Interior use
Designed for use over existing surfaces

Great for wet areas in baths & kitchens
Product remains stable after freezing
Easier to apply than Lime Plaster

Online Colour Selection

Stone Wall Texture

Smooth, yet textured like true sandstone, it resembles the cut stone used in the old buildings in Europe. It is commonly used to reproduce antique or polished stone. Our textured wall product contains clay that can be tinted with universal colorants or stained with Stone wash pigments. True stone colours and textures can be reproduced effectively with a professional seamless stone wall texture application.



Styles: Stone, Brick, Tile, Slate, & Concrete
Acrylic Equivalent of Intonachino

Waterproof for Exterior & Interior use
Designed for use over existing surfaces

Great for wet areas in baths & kitchens
Product remains stable after freezing
Easier to apply than Lime Plaster

Online Colour Selection

Semi-Smooth Wall Texture – Explore Your Creativity

Texture Paste is a true chameleon among plasters, and it allows a freedom of style rare in the decorating field. You can imitate;

  • The Finest Venetian Stucco
  • Pearlescent Finishes
  • Weathered Stone
  • Leather & Animal Skins
  • Marmorino
  • Iridescent Finishes
  • All Metal Textures
  • Wood Relief
  • Stucco Antico
  • Antiqued Plaster
  • Embossed & Relief Stencils
  • And many more!

Sandy Wall & Floor Texture

This sand textured wall finish is a slightly granular, opaque finish and smooth to the touch. Visualize the sandstone wall carvings of Egypt or sandstone shore sculptured and pitted by coastal sea winds, where in some areas it is protected and less exposed. Over time the feel and appearance by rain and wind have transformed it into smooth honed stone.

Elegant Wall & Floor Finishes with a Single Continuous Coating

Carolina Sandstone can produce effects like this on walls and the way it’s applied will reflect the look you desire.

Wood Wall Texture – Barnboard wall

Often applying actual old barnboard has its drawbacks. The upside would be that it is authentic, the downside is that it is expensive and dries out when brought indoors. This causes it to crack and disintegrate constantly losing bits of wood and debris. Other drawbacks are the lack of supply and size constraints not to mention the chance of bringing little critters into your home.

Create an Old Barnboard Look Using New Wood

This wood wall texture can be seamless because the supply is located at your local lumber store. The application is very authentic in its appearance and none one will question if it is real or not.

By using two Color & Seal products that are applied in two different ways this finish will amaze you how easy it is to create this warm rustic look.

The barnboard application can be applied to any rough finished wood then used to build headboards, barndoors, trim or tables.

The possibilities are both fun and endless.

Raw Plank Weathered Wash-Shiplap wood walls with Urban Paint Color & Seal

Looking to add texture to your space consider a shiplap installation. This modern wood wall texture is a very popular trend in home décor allowing for exciting use of subtle color over bare wood. It creates, warm organic addition to any room in a home or commercial setting. Typically scrap cuts of wood or wooden skids are painted and sealed with a transparent colored finish called Urban Paint – Color & Seal. This product gives a hint of color while still revealing the wood’s grain and texture.

Unlike stain that would absorb into the porous wood grain and blocks the grain from showing, Color & Seal provides a washed color that is transparent with a sealer built in for a fast and easy application.

Wall Texture Types – Professionally Created

This Canadian acrylic version design to mimic the traditional Italian polished plaster that was used by the craftsmen in Europe to create fantasy marble in the palaces of the Venetian nobility. It is used in commercial and residential applications and can be incorporated with a variety of colored waxes or glazes for added variation and depth. The textured plaster walls are by design and can appear to have texture yet feel smooth to the touch.

Different Types of Professionally Applied Wall Textures

Although some products are DIY friendly there is always tricks of the trade that will add extra depth, colorations and textures to the finish making the application unique to the applicator and your space alone.

   Professional Tip

The benefit by having it installed by a professional applicator is the addition of subtle artistic elements that help to enhance special details in the finish. These subtleties can only be perfected through years of application experience.

Acrylic metallic waxes are used to emphasise texture and add interesting element to any surface from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. Foil transfers are the extreme and can add a chromed effect in several metallic colors even iridescence as seen here.

Brick Wall Texture

An old brick reveal creates a vintage charm rivaled by other décor elements. Imitating a true brick seamless reveal is hard to accomplish and typically only available in old buildings. Now it is readily available on fiber mesh panels, is easy to install and affordable. Applied to the interior of an exterior wall helps to keep it looking like an authentic brick reveal that will ooze with character and charm. Your guest will never question the authenticity of this faux finish brick wall texture.

Wall Texture FAQ’s

How To Change your Wall Texture.

If you are starting with a flat wall and want to add texture, cover the wall with a primer, followed by a texture plaster and final protective coat. Protek does offer Professional & DIY acrylic products. The final coat will be enhanced with a wax, glaze or varnish.

Professional products are Morie and Acrylic Venetian Plaster. DIY products are Urban Paint & Texture.

Any recessed wall texture can be covered by a skim count of plaster, either natural or acrylic depending on what is there. After the skim coast is applied, then the wall can be primed and painted.

How To Make Brick Texture On A Wall

Protek offers Century Brick wall panels come in 3’ to 4’ square feet mesh sheets that are easy to install for a real brick veneer wall look.

How To Apply Sand Texture To Walls

Carolina Sandstone is a Protek hybrid acrylic plaster that provides a smooth textured sandstone look. This innovative product contains clay and natural mineral fillers, which allows it to be tinted with colorants or stained with pigments, creating true stone colours and textures.

This engineered product is a system that is best applied in more than one layer or coats. It produces a textured or polychromatic sand like effect. The application can be completed with different tools, such as trowel, spatulas, and rollers.