Metaltech is an Acrylic Metallic Paint

Metaltech can be applied on interior walls or exterior surfaces as a metallic finish. It is formulated with 100% Acrylic Resin for adhesion & durability, which has a proven track record as a superior paint. Applied by Spray, Brush or Roller.

  • Available in 3 Bases: Gold, Silver, & Pearl Tintable Bases allowing for 1000’s of custom colors if required.
  • Surface Covering: Wood, Drywall, Steel & properly prepared previously painted surfaces.

Delivering the Perfect Metallic Finish

When the best results are demanded and required, Metaltech delivers a beautiful metallic finish for your design.

Excellent choice for ceilings & walls, set design, retail, commercial and home use or anywhere it is appropriate for metallic decorate surfaces.

Metaltech can be used on a variety of business interiors, such as; Main Reception & Foyer, Common Areas, Boardrooms, Set Design, Retail Stores, & Restaurants.

Professional spray paint is recommended when using Metaltech to cover large areas.

When done correctly, Metaltech can be applied on a smooth wall without leaving roller marks.